Media Library Inc.
Incorporated in 1985

Media Library monitors and archives:
Television local, statewide, national, and select international broadcast news coverage
Radio national and local radio in many larger markets
Internet national, regional, local, and industry-specific websites

We specialize in personal service tailored to meet the needs of each client, from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.  Whether your organization needs tracking of ongoing news coverage, monitoring of a special event, or 24-hour support to manage a crisis situation, we can meet your needs. 

Your news coverage can be delivered to you in a range of formats from auto-alerts each time our database finds a story that includes any of your search terms, to daily reports that have been reviewed for relevancy by our staff.  You can log into your News on Demand portal 24/7 for access to your news stories, including the ability to preview your stories before you buy them.  We also provide professionally edited video segments, as well as video and data archiving.  

Click News on Demand to watch a short video about all of the "News on Demand" portal features.

In 1985, Media Library started with one market in one city.  Today, Media Library is in 27 markets and is part of a network of 50 full-service production offices.  With access to video and data in 210 Nielsen markets nationwide, we are part of one of the most comprehensive news databases in the country.  Media Library continues to grow and expand services, using the latest technological advances in data collection and delivery to provide the information your organization needs.